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The New Jersey Association for Educational Technology (NJAET) serves a variety of educators and those interested in education including teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, consultants, computer companies, software vendors, and others. It provides publications, an annual conference, and special programs for its members.

Membership is free and open to anyone, whether or not they live or work in New Jersey.

Founded in 1986, the association is governed by the NJAET Executive Board. The Board consists of the officers, committees, liaisons to other organizations, special appointees, members-at-large, and founding and emeritus members. Board meetings are held six times per year with one meeting held online.

The organization has no print publications. Members periodically receive an electronic newsletter called the NJAET News. This publication features brief news items from NJAET, ISTE, CRSTE, and other sources. The NJAET Journal is a more in-depth publicaton that is published on the website. Members are notified via the News when a new issue of the Journal is published .

This website ( www.njaet.org ) contains information about the annual conference, awards and contests, publications and membership. It also serves as a way for Executive Board members to review minutes, policies and other information.

NJAET held its first annual conference in 1988 when it was a brand new state organization with approximately 50 members. Since then, the number of members has increased tremendously but the organization continues to hold its annual conference to help members keep up with advances in technology. Currently, the annual conference is held each October. For over a decade, it has been held at Georgian Court University in central New Jersey. This one-day conference features hands-on workshops and presentations in addition to a vendor area. In addition to this annual conference, periodic meetings, workshops, and other presentations offer other professional development opportunities for members.

In recent years the organization has presented a Tech of the Year Award to a deserving educator selected from a pool of nominees. For the 2009-10 school year this award was replaced with a competitive mini-grant program. Four awards were made in January 2010 and winners have the remainder of the year to enact their plans.

NJAET has undergone great changes as it has become a non-print organization. The results have been positive with increased membership and greater communication.

NJAET works to promote the use of technology in education through the following specific purposes:

  • To establish regular communication among New Jersey educators regarding key ideas, resources and innovations via newsletter, online discussions, conferences, and other methods as appropriate for the discussion and resolution of common problems. 
  • To promote effective programs of research and development in educational technology through pilot projects, grants, contests, and any other methods available 
  • To act as a clearinghouse for state and national technology information and activities and encourage partnership with other organizations to create and strengthen linkages between various groups involved in educational technology. 
  • To enhance training and educational opportunities for all regions in the state of New Jersey. 
  • To encourage the application of educational technology and current research to the improvement of instructional practice.

NJAET works cooperatively with the Educational Technology Office of the State Department of Education, with ETTCs around the state, and with various other technology organizations to accomplish these purposes.