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The New Jersey Association for Educational Technology (NJAET) is a professional organization serving a variety of educators and those interested in education including teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, consultants, computer companies, software vendors, and others. It provides publications, an annual conference, and special programs for its members. Complimentary membership is open to anyone who completes the Join NJAET registration form.

Founded in 1986, the association is governed by the NJAET Executive Board. Board meetings are held periodically throughout the year. 

Publications - NJAET has no print publications, but offers a variety of non-print publications throughout the year. One of these is the NJAET News, a periodic newsletter that  features brief news items from NJAET and other technology related sources. Another is the Big Deal Book of Technology newsletter from Big Deal Media.

Technology Conferences - ​NJAET held its first annual conference in 1988 when it was a brand new state organization with approximately 50 members. Since then, the number of members has increased tremendously but the organization continues to hold its annual conference to help members keep up with advances in technology. Currently, the annual conference is held in August at Stone Bridge Middle School in Allentown, NJ. In other years, NJAET held successful technology conferences in Allentown and in various other locations including Georgian Court University, St. Dominic School in Brick, NJ and the Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick, NJ. Conferences provide hands-on workshops, lectures, and demonstrations geared towards the latest technology as well as tried-and-true methods and lessons. And don't forget the opportunity for "good ol' fashioned" networking, face-to-face.

Annual Spring Meeting - The Annual Spring Meeting is another opportunity for NJAET members to get together face-to-face to share and learn. This meeting is held in the evening and is more relaxed than a conference. This event is an opportunity to meet your NJAET Board members and greet others in the field of educational technology. In recent years, the Annual Spring Meeting has been held in connection with the May Board meeting.

TechEvents - TechEvents offer a chance to network with peers to discuss relevant technology topics and gain new information. Early TechEvents focused on the first schools to implement educational technology. Later TechEvents were joint presentations between NJAET and various ETTCs. Few TechEvents have been held in recent years, but examples are the meetings of the NJAET Multimedia SIG and the Back to School Bash in October 2017. TechEvents are advertised on this website and in the NJAET News.

Our Mission: The New Jersey Association for Educational Technology is dedicated to helping students, teachers, and administrators teach and learn more efficiently and effectively using educational technology.

NJAET works to promote the use of technology in education through the following specific purposes:

  • To establish regular communication among New Jersey educators regarding key ideas, resources and innovations via newsletter, online discussions, conferences, and other methods as appropriate for the discussion and resolution of common problems. 
  • To promote effective programs of research and development in educational technology through pilot projects, grants, contests, and any other methods available 
  • To act as a clearinghouse for state and national technology information and activities and encourage partnership with other organizations to create and strengthen linkages between various groups involved in educational technology. 
  • To enhance training and educational opportunities for all regions in the state of New Jersey. 
  • To encourage the application of educational technology and current research to the improvement of instructional practice.

NJAET works cooperatively with the Educational Technology Office of the State Department of Education, with ETTCs around the state, and with various other technology organizations to accomplish these purposes.