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NJAET Membership is FREE

 Individual membership in NJAET has been free since May 18, 2006. We are able to do this because we decided to change the way we operate to capitalize on the technology we have and print a whole lot less material. Here is the way it works.

Members register for an account by clicking on Join NJAET, here, at the bottom of this page, under the About Tab, or anywhere else it occurs on this website. Sometimes school servers block our e-mails so be sure that your e-mail address is one that allows us to communicate with you. Although not all of the information on the registration form is required, by filling out all of the registration fields, you enable us to see where our membership comes from (state, region, national, international) and also allows us to communicate with you if your e-mail gets bounced back.

Membership includes access to information that is for members only such as application forms for grants and contests. Members also receive notification whenever an NJAET News newsletter or the Big Deal Book of Technology newsletters are posted on the site. Members are also eligible for discounts such as the one for attendance at Tech & Learning Live.

If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact membership@njaet.org.