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Technology Conferences - For many years, NJAET has held successful technology conferences in various locations including Georgian Court University, St. Dominic School in Brick, NJ, the Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick, NJ, and Stone Bridge Middle School in Allentown, NJ. Conferences provide hands-on workshops, lectures, and demonstrations geared towards the latest technology as well as tried-and-true methods and lessons. And don't forget the opportunity for "good ol' fashioned" networking, face-to-face.

Publications - NJAET offers a variety of publications throughout the year. These publications include a periodic newsletter that is posted on this website (the NJAET News ) and a newsletter from an affiliated organization (the Big Deal Book of Technology newsletter). Members can also access the ISTE Connects Blog through this website and through NJAET  News.

Annual Spring Meeting - The Annual Spring Meeting is another opportunity for NJAET members to get together face-to-face to share and learn. This meeting is held in the evening and is more relaxed than a conference. This event is an opportunity to meet your NJAET Board members and greet others in the field of educational technology. In recent years, the Annual Spring Meeting has been held in connection with the May Board meeting.

TechEvents - TechEvents offer a chance to network with peers to discuss relevant technology topics and gain new information. Early TechEvents focused on the first schools to implement educational technology. Later TechEvents were joint presentations between NJAET and various ETTCs. Few TechEvents have been held in recent years, but one recent example is the meetings of the NJAET Multimedia SIG. TechEvents are advertised on this website and in the NJAET News .