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Welcome to NJAET!

Mobile Sprint 4G LTE Hotspot Donations
Digital Wish has just launched a massive hotspot donation program for educators. Please share this news with your colleagues!
Marlboro Google Summit
We invite you to participate in a high-intensity two-day event featuring Google Apps for Education and other Google Tools for K-12 and higher education.
Technology Events Calendar

Is your organization planning a tech event? Do you know of any tech events that would be of interest to NJAET members? Now you can submit such events for posting on this website. Just go to the Technology Event Calendar Form and fill in the information. You can view information on these events by going to the User-Generated Technology Event Spreadsheet. Should you need to change any information after an event has been submitted, please contact njaet@njaet.org with the change(s).

Thinkfinity no longer offers community or partner content, but they are still working to offer educators a wealth of information on the effective use of mobile technology in the classroom. Check out their website for further information on this valuable resource for teachers.
Constant Contact
The NJAET News is distributed via Constant Contact. If you are interested in using Constant Contact yourself, click on more below to learn more about their FREE 60-day Trial and the $30 credit both you and NJAET can receive if you sign up for the service.


Technology Calendar
Tue Jul 12
» Constructing Modern Knowledge, Manchester, New Hampshire
Wed Jul 13
» Constructing Modern Knowledge, Manchester, New Hampshire
Thu Jul 14
» Constructing Modern Knowledge, Manchester, New Hampshire
Fri Jul 15
» Constructing Modern Knowledge, Manchester, New Hampshire

Information on many technology events is located in the Events section of this website.


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New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative
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February 12 - 15, 2017
Hersey Lodge & Convention Center
Hershey Pennsylvania


Stockton University
Parkway Building 
10 West Jimmie Leeds Road
Galloway, New Jersey 08205

May 1 - 3, 2017
IU 13, Lancaster PA
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NJAET's Summer #TechSplash
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Stone Bridge Middle School
Allentown, NJ 08501

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