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Now on the Sprint network, Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE Program has donated hotspot modems and discounted $10/month wireless service for educators.  You get unlimited, high-speed 4G LTE mobile broadband service and a high quality, 10 hour battery life hotspot modem that can connect up to 10 people to the internet on only one plan!

Educators will receive low-cost, 4G LTE wireless Internet service from Mobile Beacon, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and second largest Educational Broadband Service (EBS) provider in the United States. Mobile Beacon has been licensed EBS spectrum by the FCC to support broadband use in schools and it has partnered with Digital Wish to make its new LTE device donation program available to schools throughout the United States. I need your help getting the word out to educators. If your schools have any connectivity issues, this subsidized service will allow you to fill the gaps with wireless hotspot donations.

As a non-profit serving education NJAET also qualifies for this donation program!

Coverage in New Jersey: Coverage in New Jersey is excellent!  Gaps are mostly in the Pine Barrens region.  Check on the donation product page link below for areas of Sprint coverage. 

You can expand your internet access at school, on field trips, at sporting events or while working at home.  The coverage area is now over 5 times larger and internet speeds are a lot faster at 6 to 9 mbs.  

 Mobile Beacon’s 4G LTE Internet service can help districts fill in critical access gaps, including:

  • Providing instant wireless access to teachers who struggle with unreliable Internet access at their homes or schools.
  • Provide out-of-school access to disadvantaged or at-risk students.
  • Providing mobile Internet access on field trips and off-campus events.
  • Creating a low-cost, back-up Internet source at schools to prevent lessons from being disrupted if the school’s primary Internet connection fails.
  • Bring wireless access to areas of the school building with spotty internet
  • Offer video-streaming of school events to engage families and communities.

Teachers and administrators can order the modems and Internet subscriptions individually with their own credit card as long as they are employed by a district and have a proper school email address. They can also order the donated modems now and wait until June 30th before setting up the subscription. An $18 admin fee applies for a single modem donation and subscriptions must be paid for a full year.

Find out more and get your donated hotspot modems with service here.

Please share the news with your colleagues.

All the best,
Gordon Woodrow

Executive Director

Digital Wish
PO Box 1072, Manchester Center, VT 05255
P: 802-375-6721 x 222

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