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Ed Tech Bits-2015-04-02

Great infographic on Makerspace  https://magic.piktochart.com/output/5253384-makerspace


Publishers DK have launched a new online resource called DKfindout!–a global education website for children, parents and teachers.The site is primarily aimed at children aged 7-11, and brings together DK’s bank of images and content across a breadth of subjects.The site is free to use and aims to give children, teachers and parents a learning and reference tool to use both in the classroom and at home. Topics, such as the human body, zoology, and geology are covered in age-appropriate text with corresponding interactive images. http://www.eschoolnews.com/2015/03/30/education-research-site-023/?ps=sue.sullivan@doe.state.nj.us-0013000000j18mV-0033000000qiEf3


Create a class of GPS explorers with geocaching



I don’t know if you get T&L but thought I’d share the invite that follows.

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for reading Tech & Learning and invite you to share the love! Simply forward this email (or link below) to your colleagues who can also benefit from staying on top of everything that is happening in the industry. Tech & Learning covers the market like no other publication. SHARE THIS LINK: http://www.mytnlmag.com/Register.aspx?fid=TNLF&status=NEW&key=J15DPSS
As a bonus, both you and your colleagues also receive FREE access to issues of Tech & Learning on the iPad/iPhone! Download the app in the iTunes store.
Thanks again for reading Tech & Learning.


I’ve attached a flyer for a fall Makerfest!  This could be a model for your school to do a Makerfest in the future! Join the fun and empower kids to MAKE IT!  Makerfest 2015 flyer1.pdf


FREE WEBINAR: Special: TFK Talks to Jane Goodall!

Presented by renowned chimpanzee researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall, with Jaime Joyce, Assistant Managing Editor, Education, TIME For Kids, and Laura Blackburn, Associate Editor, TIME For Kids

Monday, Apr 20 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time REGISTER HERE

In this special webinar, students will hear from Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and founder of both the Jane Goodall Institute, a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitat, and Roots & Shoots, an international environmental and humanitarian youth program. She was also selected by the United Nations Secretary-General to serve as a Messenger of Peace. Goodall will report on efforts to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment we all share.

During her presentation, she will also answer questions from students and teachers. Submit a question from your class on the registration form. Questions can also be submitted to tfkasks4you@timeforkids.com.

TFK editors will provide participants with background information on Jane Goodall's work as a primatologist and conservationist. They will also give information about the African country Tanzania to build background for participants. The TFK supplement Around the World: Tanzania is available on TFK's website and is packed with information about the country's history and culture. During the presentation, TFK will also provide printable worksheets and graphic organizers to support learning about Dr. Goodall's research and mission.


Thank you EDSurge:   

  • ALL I DO IS CODE, CODE, CODE: Learning doesn't have to stop when the school year wraps up, especially for students eager to tackle the new digital literacy: coding. But coding isn't just for kids, either--there are tools and resources out there to help students of all ages learn how to code. In EdSurge's Summer Coding Guide, sponsored by Dig-It! Games, we've got resources galore. Want to: Start an after-school coding clubCreate inclusive hackerspaces for immigrant communities?   Browse more than 50 tools to learn coding for teachers, parents and kids?
  • Photos For Class lets you search through tons of options, all G-rated according to Flickr's standards and licensed for school use through Creative Commons. Downloads are automatically cited with the author. Note for you, elementary and middle school teachers: Students under 13 can only use Photos For Class when supervised by an adult.


Apple has launched a new itunes for educators page https://search.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZContentLink.woa/wa/link?path=ForEducators


New Report forecasts edtech trends and technologies for the next five years.  http://edtechtimes.com/2015/04/01/new-report-gives-edtech-trends-technologies-next-five-years/


The NJTEEA and William Paterson University would like to invite you for a new event to take place Saturday, May 9, 2015! The NJTEEA iSTEM Unconference is a nontraditional learning experience for teachers across the state to discuss best iSTEM teaching practices, lesson topics and all things iSTEM in a relaxed, stress-free setting.

Join us that morning for a short breakfast and come with topics you would like to discuss or learn more about. Add your topics to the board, or visit other conversations that interest you that day. Learn more by visiting: http://njteeastem.weebly.com/

Throughout the day, you will experience:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Meaningful discussions
  • Stress-free atmosphere
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Deeper understanding of iSTEM teaching and learning
  • Professional collaboration