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Ed Tech Bits-2016-05-05

FREE: only 3 slots open still:

NJIT Computer Science is starting a new summer program for New Jersey HS teachers. You can take CS 100 without paying tuition. There are still three slots open.

Here is the basic idea:

 The goal is that you learn exactly what we are teaching in the very first Computer Science class (CS 100)

 and that you subsequently implement some of that in your own high school classroom in some format

 to make the transition for your high school students into college-level Computer Science easy

 with a focus on female and disadvantaged minority students.

Technical details:

 Tuition and fees will be free. Not sure about parking though.

 You should get access privileges to the NJIT network.

 The course runs from May 23rd to June 27th ("Summer 1") on the NJIT campus.

 It meets MO, WE, TH for 3 hours, 6pm to 9pm.

This offer is conditioned on the class not being cancelled for whatever reason (such as too low enrollment) and (on the other hand) that the class is not at the class size limit with current NJIT degree program students.

 The course is a gentle introduction to Python Programming and Computer Science in general.

 You can get a professional development certificate for 42 hours of class times.


New on Google Slides http://www.engadget.com/2016/05/04/google-slides-audience-question-and-answer/ Introducing Q&A where you audience can submit questions re your PPT


WOW!  There is still space available http://thelearningcounsel.com/event/new-jersey-nj  FREE conference (you do need to register) with free breakfast/lunch and the mental dessert of a day long discussion of Innovative Practices!

The New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of School Innovation and innovateNJ are pleased to invite you and your team to the New Jersey Education Innovation Summit.  The Summit is being conducted in partnership with The Learning Counsel and Monmouth University to provide New Jersey education leaders with the opportunity to learn more about the innovative next generation practices, programs and models that are being implemented within our school districts.  It will also provide our educators with the chance to interface with innovative organizations that have designed tools which may assist us in our efforts to ensure equitable access to innovation is afforded to all of our students.

 The New Jersey Education Innovation Summit will take place Friday, May 20th at the Monmouth University Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC) building in West Long Branch, New Jersey. This statewide event has been created as an "Education Leaders Day," and will be comprised of workshops, lightening round presentations by our educators as well as innovative organizations, and customized personal schedules that will allow our educators to hone their experience based on their district needs. Register using the following link: click here to register. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL ATTENDEES.


Cosn has launched their new Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program website. The website will serve as a student data privacy tool for school districts, educators, parents, and the community, as well as the starting point for school districts to apply for the Seal. 
Developed for K-12 schools nationwide, the TLE Seal was formed through input from 28 school system leaders, as well as CoSN and lead partners AASA, The School Superintendents Association, the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) and ASCD. Learn more about the new TLE Seal at trustedlearning.org. To earn the TLE Seal, school systems are required to demonstrate their practices in each of the following areas:  

  • Leadership
  • Classroom
  • Data Security
  • Business
  • Professional Development 

ApplyfortheSeal  (Note: The application fee for the first 100 applicants will be waived when you enter promotional code TLE-FREE.) If you have any questions, please email info@trustedlearning.org.


Delaware is offering PD for the Exploring Computer Science curriculum (full curriculum available here: http://www.exploringcs.org/ ) from August 1-5, 2016 with four follow-up sessions provided during the school year.  Gail Chapman, Co-author of the curriculum, will be delivering the professional development training at Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware.  If you think anyone might be interested, feel free to contact DE STEM Coordinator at 302-735-4093. 


…and when you are asked what can kids do with coding…

This story originally appeared on Reuters

Social media giant Facebook has paid a $10,000 reward to a 10-year-old Finnish boy for finding a glitch in its picture sharing app Instagram.

Jani, whose last name was not released for privacy reasons, is the youngest ever recipient of Facebook's "bug bounty," paid to users who find bugs or weaknesses in its platforms.

"I wanted to see if Instagram's comment field could stand malicious code. Turns out it couldn't," Jani told Finland's Iltalehti newspaper.

Facebook said the glitch was fixed in February and the reward was paid in March.

Jani, who is still too young to have a Facebook or Instagram account of his own, said he learned coding from YouTube videos and found a way to delete user comments from Instagram accounts.

"I could have deleted anyone's comments from there. Even Justin Bieber's," he told Iltalehti.

He said he was thinking about a career in data security, but for now his plans include buying a new bike and a football with his reward money.

(Reporting by Tuomas Forsell; Editing by Mark Potter)

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Know MY World is a global education resource that utilizes digital exchanges to connect young learners and spread cultural awareness through social emotional learning. Some great collaborations are demonstrated here.