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Ed Tech Bits-2016-06-14

The question to ask: we are 16 years into the 21st century, why are we still asking how and why to use technology in our classrooms?



GetEdFunding is a free and fresh grant-finding resource, dedicated to helping educators and institutions identify the funding they need in budget-tight times. GetEdFunding hosts a collection of thousands of grants and opportunities culled from federal, state, regional, and community sources and is available to public and private preK–12 schools, districts, and educators; higher education institutions; and nonprofit organizations that work with them. This rich resource of grant and funding opportunities is expanded, updated, and monitored daily. You can search by six criteria, including 45 areas of focus, eight content areas, and any of the twenty-first century themes and skills that support your curriculum. Once you are registered on the site, you can save the grants of greatest interest and return to read about them at any time.



Ten apps for math fluency ($$) http://www.edutopia.org/blog/10-apps-for-math-fluency-monica-burns


How to use Padlet http://www.coolcatteacher.com/how-to-use-padlet-fantastic-tool-teaching/


4 Steps to implementing computer science in elementary school  http://blog.kodable.com/2016/06/04/implementing-computer-science-in-elementary/


10 Amazing online creativity tools https://globaldigitalcitizen.org/10-free-online-creativity-tools


The second of our three free Library 2.016 online mini-conferences: "Library as Classroom," is this Wednesday, June 15th! There is still time to register to join us from 12:00 - 3:00pm US-Pacific Time (click for your own time zone), or to be able to watch the recordings at your convenience. The full schedule is below.

This is a free event, being held online. Please register HERE to attend live and/or to receive the recording links afterwards. Be sure to also join the Library 2.0 network to be able to connect with and correspond with 22,000 other individuals in the library world, and to be kept updated on this and future events. All times are Pacific Daylight Time below. Register to see in your own time zone.

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 12:00 pm (PDT) Register HERE

Opening Keynote Panel: Defining the Library as Classroom Michael Stephens, Michael Casey, Brian Kenney, Joyce Valenza, and Jessamyn West.

1:00 pm (PDT) Fast and Fit Brain Training: Through a Library Service Delivery Model, Year Two Patricia Shepard Sohmer, M.A., Park County Public Library Manager

FutureForce: A new type of education for a new type of student Megan Egbert, District Programs Manager, Meridian Library District

Special Collections in the Classroom: Embedding Special Collections in an Undergraduate History Course Teresa Gray, Public Services Archivist, Special Collections and University Archives, Vanderbilt University

The Library Makerspace as Classroom Lauren Di Monte, Librarian & NCSU Libraries Fellow, North Carolina State University Libraries

1:30 pm (PDT)

Beyond the Library as Classroom: Two-Generation and Family Learning Lorette McWilliams, Research Analyst, Harvard Family Research Project

Building a Learning Community Through Public Libraries  Margaret Penn, Branch Manager, Gwinnett County Public Library

OERs (Open Educational Resources) at the Junction of Library and Classroom  David V. Loertscher, Professor, School of Information, San Jose State University

 Student Engagement Through Library-led Gamificiation Tasha Squires - Learning Resource Center Teacher (School Librarian),  O'Neill Middle School

2:00 pm (PDT)

Incorporating Making Culture into the Curriculum-Wilson Library's Journey Amy Jiang, Coordinator of Library Technology, Wilson Library, University of La Verne

Library as a Classroom for Library Staff Sally Pewhairangi, Director, Finding Heroes

Thinking outside the curriculum: Education throughout the research lifecycle Joshua Sadvari, Research Commons Program Manager & GIS Specialist, The Ohio State University Libraries

 When It Comes to Curriculum, One Size Does NOT Fit All:Follett’s Lightbox is the Interactive, Fun Resource for All Teaching and Learning Styles Mitch Coulter, Senior Product Manager, Follett School Solutions

2:30 pm (PDT) Closing Keynote: Sean Casserly



6 Tips to making the most of student blogging http://www.eschoolnews.com/2016/06/14/tips-started-student-blogging/?ps=sue.sullivan%40doe.state.nj.us-0013000000j18mV-0033000000qiEf3