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Beginning with their 2013 Awards ISTE has made some changes that they would like to let us know about.  

As you know, for many years ISTE’s Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader awards have been nominated and judged exclusively from within the Affiliate membership, and ISTE has had the opportunity to showcase outstanding educators from ISTE’s Affiliates in these two awards categories.  More recently, ISTE’s Board of Directors has set a clear directive to broaden ISTE’s reach, interaction with, and support for all educators globally.  We’ve conducted a thorough review of ISTE’s Awards program to ensure the program is aligned with the Board’s directives and positioned to recognize and celebrate remarkable educators who are transforming education, regardless of geography or affiliation.

While ISTE currently has 15 Affiliates in countries outside the U.S., those Affiliates represent educators in only 5 countries.  In many countries there are no membership organizations who meet the criteria to become ISTE affiliates, thus educators in those countries have had no opportunity to be included for consideration.  As a result, with the launch of the 2013 Awards season, nominations for Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader will be opened up to educators everywhere to nominate themselves and others. 

Of course, Affiliates are still strongly encouraged to continue to nominate exemplary educators for these two awards and for all other ISTE awards. All nominations have equal standing. Other changes are in the works as well, designed to raise the profile of our Affiliates, including the creation of a new kind of award highlighting the work of Affiliate organizations.  

Here’s what will be changing beginning with the 2013 Awards season:

  • Each ISTE Affiliate will have the opportunity to nominate as many excellent candidates as they wish (not just one of each, as formerly permitted) for the Outstanding Teacher or Outstanding Leader awards
  • An unlimited number of educators from within each Affiliate will also be welcome to nominate themselves and others for any ISTE awards
  • Like all ISTE awards, the Outstanding Teacher and Outstanding Leader awards will be open to all educators; they do not have to be a member of ISTE or any of ISTE’s affiliates
  • Changes will be made to the judging rubrics of all juried ISTE awards to include an item referencing membership and activity within an ISTE Affiliate
  • Changes will be made to all awards prizes: not only will the winners receive a one-year ISTE membership, they will also receive a one-year membership to the closest local affiliate of their choice, paid for by ISTE
  • When awards are announced at ISTE’s annual conference, and in various print and web environments, each winner’s local affiliation will be recognized
  • A volunteer group comprised of ISTE Affiliate members will be tasked with providing design input for a new award (or suite of awards) to showcase outstanding work accomplished by ISTE’s affiliates.  Please stay tuned!