NJAET offers a variety of publications throughout the year. These publications include a periodic newsletter that is posted on this website (the NJAET News), and a newsletter from an affiliated organization (the Big Deal Book of Technology newsletter).

NJAET News - NJAET News is published whenever appropriate depending on the amount and timeliness of the information it contains. In the past, this has averaged approximately one issue every three weeks over the course of a year. With the addition of the Big Deal Book of Technology for K-12 Educators to our publications, the schedule was revamped and NJAET News was published close to the 1st and 15th of each month. Currently, NJAET News is published whenever appropriate, usually once a month, early in the month.

Big Deal Book of Technology - Beginning in September of 2008, NJAET reached an agreement with the Big Deal Book of Technology to publish their newsletter through information disseminated to members and by posting it on the NJAET Website. In exchange, the NJAET logo is prominently displayed on each issue (twice monthly except July) of this newsletter.

Other publications are offered on a sporatic basis as needed.

Current (this school year) issues of these publications are located in this publications area (see menu at left). Issues from previous years can be found under the Archives section of this website.