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Dear Educator:

Have you spent hours looking on the Internet for STEM videos and lesson plans? You may spend even more time over the summer in preparation for the new academic year. 

To help educators such as you, we are have created a resource that offers 35 videos with accompanying lesson plans, "Inspired Learning through STEM Videos." 

Here's what one teacher said about this tool:

“I have used the videos and lessons as a teacher and encouraged other teachers to use them as a Curriculum Facilitator. They are a great way to create an academic need for students to want to learn the material you want to teach them. They are a great way to launch a unit and/or a lesson. The lessons and videos are a great resource for teachers to integrate the content from other subjects into their own. The lessons provide an opportunity for productive struggle. The videos are relevant and short enough to pique and maintain the interest of students.” J.A. 

Here's what you get:

- 35 unique and inspiring short videos (3 to 5 minutes each) featuring fascinating STEM career fields from astronomy to forestry, sports equipment design to saving endangered species, alternative energy to farming etc.

- Accompanying lesson plans and activities for each video, available in downloadable PDF format. 

How do you use it? Here’s a simple guide:

- Select a video and this can be pretty much any video you like (keep in mind that professionals in the videos talk about math and science in general terms). Play the video as a lesson opener.

- Get student feedback about the profession/career featured in the video (likes/dislikes).

- Next, discuss how math and science are used to accomplish the tasks shown in the video.

Can they visualize taking that career path (or another career of their choice) and needing to use math and science to accomplish the tasks involved? This is a critical connection to make. This starts to give them a purpose for what they are studying and begins to answer the question, “When am I ever going to use this?”

- Now you have their attention. The activities above require a matter of minutes, but watch the difference in students’ interest and engagement level.

- Repeat this once a week or more with other videos to bring more and more students into the loop. As you become more familiar with the videos and lesson plans you will discover new ways to use them. 

Special Offer

This resource is normally priced at $95. For a limited time, we’re offering it for $45.

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