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Real World Math and Science

Help Students Discover the Real-World Value of Math
Dear Colleague:
Bring master teachers Jaime Escalante and Kay Toliver to your students to engage their interest in math and science.
Choose from the following, from our great educational programs.
The Eddie Files
Sixteen 20-minute programs, each of which deals with a different topic of the elementary mathematics curriculum. Through the eyes of "Eddie," a 5th grade student in the mathematics classroom of renowned teacher Kay Toliver, viewers find out just how people use key math concepts and skills in life and in exciting jobs.
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The Kay Toliver Files
Sixteen 15-to-20 minute programs that complement The Eddie Files, showing teachers step-by-step how to deliver lessons on elementary mathematics topics which excite student interest, engage their problem-solving and communication skills and develop computational and reasoning skills. Teacher guides include resources for turning each program into a complete half-day professional development workshop.
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Teacher Talk
Drawn from classroom footage that was not able to be included in Good Morning Miss Toliver, this comprehensive staff development resource shows teachers exactly how to design and deliver inspiring and effective lessons that develop a thorough understanding of concepts and get students to practice their skills while having the time of their lives!
Includes a free copy of "Good Morning Miss Toliver."
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Futures with Jaime Escalante
FUTURES was designed to motivate interest in mathematics by showing students that math is the language of the future--and a passport to creative and rewarding jobs in fields ranging from fashion and skateboard design to architecture and space exploration. Each episode combines scenes from master teacher Jaime Escalante's classroom, on-site interviews with professionals and celebrity appearances.
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Interactions: Real Math, Real Careers
A "field trip" like no other, Interactions takes middle and high school students on-site to meet professionals in fields ranging from sports to space exploration, to discover the role that middle school math concepts play in solving real-life problems.
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